Monday, 11 July 2011

Skin?? SOS

ughhhh. Why is skin so annoying? Its something we live with everyday and most of us try our best to give it the best care we can afford. But still it refuses to be our friend. I get all excited when my skin starts looking clear! Im sure im not the only one who wakes up dreading the mirror incase a pore has decided to be mean!
I thought I had my skincare in order.

A gentle simple scrub three times a week,
Every night a neutrogena clenser,
Every morning a simple gel face wash.

I have oily skin so moustriser only makes it on to my face when bits get REALLY dry!

It was all going so well and then BAM my chin and forehead are refusing to clear.. What can I do? If any of you have suggestions I would love to hear them. Im not keen on the idea of prescription creams and medication because they seem harsh and not easily accesible! Lets try solve this using things in the home or in your local supermarket.

Cant wait to hear anyones suggestion! SOS. Its summer the one time we get away with little makeup..
I swear my skin knows that and has broken out on purpose. EVIL! Pure evil..



Dearbhailex3 said...
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Dearbhailex3 said...

I have the same problem! I unlike you however, am not worried about being harsh to my skin and so made a trip to the doctor to get some prescription cream ;) Before that though, I did have a few 'go to' spot solutions :) Sudocrem (before I got Duac on prescription) used to be a nightly must have for me - literally it would sleep with me in my bed in case I was in need of a top up :L I used the for years - its an anti-septic cream and so works great on spots and pimples - unfortunately tough it doesn't work for blocked pores. And a little while ago I came across germaline (which if your living in the UK its available in pound land for £1) This is also great - and in some ways slightly better than sudocrem because it not only gets rid of pimples but does so without drying out the skin -

As far as cleansing my face goes, I'm in love with clinique 3 step skin care (which in my opinion is quite pricey - I just pick up the £20 gift set which lasts me about 2-3 months)I personally have seen an amazing difference in my skin since using this and would definitely recommend it as you can pick out your particular skin type :)
Hope this helps - Dearbhaile :D