Wednesday, 27 July 2011

EVEloves... MUA from superdrug

Hola chicas !!

Hope everyone is having a lovley summer :) The sun is shinning here finally, hope it lasts!
After a brief vist to my family in the uk, I stocked up on some cheap and cheerful makeup.

MUA which stands for make up academy. Is superdrugs own affordable make up line. Firstly I was blowin away by the value for money. I got lots of eyeshadows which all cost ONE POUND!!! The lipstick was only a pound aswell, I think...

I wish I had bought more lipsticks. They have a lovley creamy, moustrising texture! The colour is so bright and pigmented. Also if your feeling brave a little smudged on your cheeck gives a lovley affect!
So here is a swatch of the lipstick, it dosnt have a name but you couldnt mistake it for a different colour!!
(nail polish is channel in the colour black pearl)

The eye shadows also suprised me. The quality and pigment of them was amazing. They have a huge selection of colours and they have matte finishs as well as a satin/ sparkley finish :)
One colour which is shade 8 in a pearl finish is a wonderful vibrant tourquise! They have lovley neutrals as well as fun experimental ones :) Highly recommened and I will definitley be picking up a few more!

Also the packaging isnt horrendous!! So I recommened you all give MUA a go because it will help you save some pennys and still look a million dollars!!

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Dearbhailex3 said...

The lipstick looks amazing :O Ill have to give those a try :) Thanks for sharing :)