Sunday, 10 July 2011

Getting started and Hello!

Hola, Im Eve!
Summer is finally here and I cant wait to share my adventures and learn more about the world of blogging!
This I can tell is going to take sometime to figure out how to work.

Firstlly, I should probably tell you what my blogs are going to be about. Im going to be sharing beauty product reviews aswell as some random posts about things that intrest me. I love animals, television and reading so I hope that my random mix of topics wont be to much of a mess! The posts will mainly be about girly make up related stuff though!

Well I cant think of a secondly! So looks like this is just a short introduction. So Bye for now but I hope there are many more posts to come and this is just the begining of a long, fun filled journey! ( Gosh that sounds cheesy)

Enjoy your day!
Bye xx

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