Wednesday, 27 July 2011

EVEloves... MUA from superdrug

Hola chicas !!

Hope everyone is having a lovley summer :) The sun is shinning here finally, hope it lasts!
After a brief vist to my family in the uk, I stocked up on some cheap and cheerful makeup.

MUA which stands for make up academy. Is superdrugs own affordable make up line. Firstly I was blowin away by the value for money. I got lots of eyeshadows which all cost ONE POUND!!! The lipstick was only a pound aswell, I think...

I wish I had bought more lipsticks. They have a lovley creamy, moustrising texture! The colour is so bright and pigmented. Also if your feeling brave a little smudged on your cheeck gives a lovley affect!
So here is a swatch of the lipstick, it dosnt have a name but you couldnt mistake it for a different colour!!
(nail polish is channel in the colour black pearl)

The eye shadows also suprised me. The quality and pigment of them was amazing. They have a huge selection of colours and they have matte finishs as well as a satin/ sparkley finish :)
One colour which is shade 8 in a pearl finish is a wonderful vibrant tourquise! They have lovley neutrals as well as fun experimental ones :) Highly recommened and I will definitley be picking up a few more!

Also the packaging isnt horrendous!! So I recommened you all give MUA a go because it will help you save some pennys and still look a million dollars!!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

EVEloves... Neutrogena Visibly Clear 3 in 1 cleanser

YAY! Finally a cleanser that is affordable and from Boots!

After experiencing the finer things in life, aka clinique toners and cleansers, everything else seemed rubbish. I then one day lost my magic bottles :( I wish I knew where..

So the gruelling task of trial and error began.. I tried everything, Simple, clean and clear, essence etc. So the breakouts began until finally this magic green water from neutrogena was invented! Its quite a new product from there visibly clear range and from all there products iv tried it is by far the best.

The product its self reminds me of a toner and a cleanser, even though its just a cleanser. The liquid clears every scrap of makeup from your face using a cotton pad. Although you cant use it on your eyes.
You get a tingly sensation which at first you think maybe is a stingy allergic reaction to it but it goes away quickly. I found my skin clear up nearly immediately ( I am also using other products but I credit this)

I have oily skin so I don't moisturise very often.. Don't shoot me! But I find this product doesn't dry my skin and makes your face feel super fresh! I feel it has a toner effect on your skin as it gives you the same tightish, closed pore sensation.

So go on and give it a go! I hope you'll be as happy as I am with the results :)

Eve xxx

p.s sorry the pictures not my own.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Skin?? SOS

ughhhh. Why is skin so annoying? Its something we live with everyday and most of us try our best to give it the best care we can afford. But still it refuses to be our friend. I get all excited when my skin starts looking clear! Im sure im not the only one who wakes up dreading the mirror incase a pore has decided to be mean!
I thought I had my skincare in order.

A gentle simple scrub three times a week,
Every night a neutrogena clenser,
Every morning a simple gel face wash.

I have oily skin so moustriser only makes it on to my face when bits get REALLY dry!

It was all going so well and then BAM my chin and forehead are refusing to clear.. What can I do? If any of you have suggestions I would love to hear them. Im not keen on the idea of prescription creams and medication because they seem harsh and not easily accesible! Lets try solve this using things in the home or in your local supermarket.

Cant wait to hear anyones suggestion! SOS. Its summer the one time we get away with little makeup..
I swear my skin knows that and has broken out on purpose. EVIL! Pure evil..


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Getting started and Hello!

Hola, Im Eve!
Summer is finally here and I cant wait to share my adventures and learn more about the world of blogging!
This I can tell is going to take sometime to figure out how to work.

Firstlly, I should probably tell you what my blogs are going to be about. Im going to be sharing beauty product reviews aswell as some random posts about things that intrest me. I love animals, television and reading so I hope that my random mix of topics wont be to much of a mess! The posts will mainly be about girly make up related stuff though!

Well I cant think of a secondly! So looks like this is just a short introduction. So Bye for now but I hope there are many more posts to come and this is just the begining of a long, fun filled journey! ( Gosh that sounds cheesy)

Enjoy your day!
Bye xx